Fee Schedule

Service York Adams
Full Residential Single Property Title Search (Sixty Year Title Search) * $165.00 $165.00
Present Owner Search (all matters) ** 100 100
Bringdown search (same firm/attorney on same property from previous search)* 100 100
Before or After Closing Bringdown 25 25
Residential Property Lien Check ** (Judgments, Mortgages, UCC) 45 45
Commercial Property Lien Check **(Judgments, Mortgages, UCC) 75 75
Lien and Asset Report (per hour) 75 75
General Courthouse Research (per hour) 75 75
Preparation of Legal Descriptions from Subdivision Plans or Surveys (includes plotting) 100 100
Deed Plotting independent of search (10 courses or less) 15 15
Copies (per page) 1 1
Recording of one document (additional charge for additional documents) 25.00 (varies depending on circumstance) 25.00 (varies depending on circumstance)
Additional documents in other offices for same transaction (e.g. Judgments, Stipulations) 10.00/ea. 10.00/ea.
Witness closing in office during hours 150
Witness closing out of office or after hours 250
Deed Preparation in conjunction with title insurance 100 100
Note: Title insurance charges are assigned in accordance with the rates filed by the underwriter with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.
* Price is for one chain of title. Additional chains are extra.
** Price based on one name and one property. Husband and wife are considered one name. Additional names and/or properties are $15.00 each.